Fisheries & Mariculture

The Fisheries & Mariculture Program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is a graduate program offering the Master of Science (M.S.) in Fisheries & Mariculture. The mission of the program is to prepare graduate students for a career in either the private or public sector in fisheries, mariculture or aquaculture. This is accomplished through a rigorous core curriculum combined with an intensive "hands-on" research or internship project.

The Master of Science in Fisheries & Mariculture requires a minimum of thirty-six (36) Semester Credit Hours (SCH). Depending on their interests and objectives for graduate work, students select a research or internship focus by choosing between two options:

  • Research (Thesis) Options: Students choosing this option gain expertise in a specific area by investigating a research topic, producing research results of publishable quality, and reporting their findings with full documentation in a scientific format. This option is recommended for students who intend to further their graduate study and undertake a doctoral degree. (Successful completion of a masters thesis, or equivalent, is required to enter most doctoral programs.)
  • Internship (Non-Thesis) Options: Students choosing the internship option are exposed to a wide range of career areas. This option develops a student's managerial and technical skills through a broad internship experience.
  • Masters International Program: Peace Corps or Graduate School? This program offers the best of both. Master's International (MI) has made available the unique opportunity of integrating a Master's degree in Fisheries and Mariculture with overseas service. After completing initial course work at TAMUCC and receiving a Peace Corps placement, students travel to their respective site and complete their assignment according to the needs and requests of their host country. Academic work grows from volunteer work.

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The BIOL and FAMA Handbook provides information to help students prepare necessary documents.


Harvesting Clams

Writing down research results